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Published on 12/07/2015 7:50 AM by Jeremy Maitland

Help! How do I keep my pet off the furniture?

Help! How do I keep my pet off the furniture?


Ever wondered why your pet loves getting up high onto your bed or lounge? You may be surprised to know that for many pets sitting up high implies that they are the leader and that they are high in the family heirachy.

The lounge or bed is also comfortable, warm and smells of you too! Why wouldn't your pet want to get up there? To break this habit the entire family needs to be consistent. This means that you all need to be doing the same thing. Before you break this habit, make sure that you have a special place for your pet already set up in a room of your choice in your house. It can be a matt or bed (their own, not yours!) on the floor for your dog or a snug cubby for cats. It is important to mention that cats seek places that are high off the ground. This gives them a feeling of security.

We recommend a scratching post /gym combination with a cubby on top.

Step 1: For dogs - Teach your dog the 'place'command. We've discussed this in a previous blog. It is a great command for house dogs to prevent them jumping up on visitors and provides them with their own area to feel safe and secure which will then allow them to relax and settle like the good dog that we know they are!

Step 1: For cats - Encourage your cat to use their cubby. We recommend using some treats, spraying the area with cat nip and also using feliway which is a pheromone that relaxes cats.

Step 2: Don't give in! Your pet will test boundaries, especially in the beginning so remain consistant and firm. If you need to use deterants on your furniture, we recommend 'no scratch'sprays and sticky films. Most dogs and cats respond well to these. Make your bed or lounge uncomfortable! Use aluminium foil (this has a cold and slippery surface that dogs and cats dislike). You won't need to keep this on the furniture long term, just until your pet learns where it is and where it isn't allowed.

Step3: Acknowlege milestones - As our pets learn new things it is important for us to reflect on how far they have come. The amount of time varies from pet to pet, so be kind and remember any milestone is worth rewarding. By the end of this process your bond with your pet will be stronger and your pet will understand where it fits in with you and your family.


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