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Published on 18/09/2014 6:18 PM by Jeremy Maitland

Hand raised birds make the best pets!

Hand raised birds make the best pets!


If you watch those lifestyle shows that have a segment on animals, then I am sure that you would have seen stories about tame birds.

Some of the birds featured on these shows can say many words and phrases, push toys around on the ground and just can’t seem to get enough of their owners. It is highly likely that these birds were hand raised from birth and it is this process of hand raising that makes them so loving and affectionate with people.

Hand raising a bird involves a human taking over the role of the mother bird. When a bird is hand raised the breeder must feed it several times a day, keep it warm and even ensure that it learns how to feed itself. After a few weeks of being fed and cared by people, the young chick associates itself more closely with people than with birds so when they are handle by people they are at total ease and in fact try to engage them in play. Well reared hand raised birds will not bite and will happily sit on your shoulder or snuggle into your jacket as their desire is to be with you. In theory any bird could be hand raised, in fact we have a customer who once raise a tiny little native finch that had been thrown out of the nest.

The most common hand raised birds are those in the parrot family. These include, budgies, cockatiels, lorikeets and even large parrots such as galahs and ring necks. All of these birds are great acrobats and if you gave them enough time and training they will become wonderful talkers.

The most important thing that you can do for your hand raised bird is to provide plenty of interaction for it  and with it. Hand raised birds that are left in the cage day in day out may lose much of their tame and friendly nature. A hand raised bird should be let out of the cage at least once a day in a safe environment. Many cages now have a feature that allows the top of the cage to remain open so the bird can perch there during the day and it can be closed at night when the bird needs to rest.

We recommend that hand raised birds have their wing clipped and this process is easy to do and painless for the bird. Although a hand raised bird will usually fly back to you, there is always the chance that the bird could be startled and escape from your home, become confused and unable to return. If you wish to take you bird outside, a bird harness is an excellent way of allowing the bird some freedom to explore on its own.

Hand raised birds always require supervision around other pets and when they are on a harness as their friendly nature could get them into trouble! So if your looking for a pet that doesn’t need to be walked or brushed, that is affectionate and will interact with you, a hand raised bird may well be worth considering. 

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