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Published on 14/11/2014 6:50 AM by Jeremy Maitland

Green pond? We can help!

Green pond? We can help!

A green pond is caused by the unchecked growth of algae. Algae are simple plants and like all plants, require three things to grow.

Light, which in the case of a pond comes from the sun, nutrient, which is primarily made up of the waste products of the organisms that live in the pond including the fish and finally, carbon dioxide. It is difficult to reduce the amount of light that a pond receives, but you can certainly influence the amount of nutrient and carbon dioxide that is available and by limiting these, algae can be controlled.

Carbon dioxide is produced by all of the living organisms in the pond and the easiest way to limit the carbon dioxide content of the pond is to circulate the water by running a pump. The pump should run 24 hours a day and can be connected to a spray head, statue or preferably a filter. This constant movement of the water will allow carbon dioxide to diffuse out of the pond and encourage oxygen to enter it.

You can reduce the amount of nutrient in the pond by using a biological filter, which uses desirable bacteria to consume the nutrient.

Ensure that you do not overfeed the fish as the excess feed adds nutrient to the water.

Finally increasing the amount of water plants in your pond will assist greatly in limiting algae growth as these will compete for the same nutrient that the algae is using.

In some cases it is not always practical to carry out the above measures so you could consider using an algaecide to help kill off the algae. When using these types of products, ensure that you remove any decaying algae from the pond after using it and check that the brand you have selected will not harm pond plants or fish.

One of the most effective ways to achieve crystal clear water in a pond is to install an Ultra Violet clarifier as part of your filtration system. Ultra Violet clarifiers utilise UV radiation to kill off the algae cells that cause the water to turn green. The UV light is encased in a thin tube and water is pumped past the tube. As the algae cells come into contact with this light, the DNA in the cell is damaged so it cannot replicate itself. After a few weeks of running a UV clarifier on your pond, the water becomes crystal clear as there are no algae left to multiply. Ultra Violet clarifiers are completely safe for pets, people, fish and frogs and other plants. They use very little power about 5 – 10 watts on average and in most cases they can be connected to your existing pump in just a matter a minutes. Best of all, no matter how green your water or how much light your pond receives, a correctly fitted Ultra Violet clarifier will provide crystal clear water in your pond year round!

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