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New Beginnings

It’s a sad fact that thousands of healthy cats and kittens are put to sleep every year due to overcrowded animal shelters.  We have partnered with one of the leading animal welfare organisations to help with giving some of these kittens a second chance.  

Through our  New Beginnings Program  we have established a re-homing program for surrendered, neglected and abandoned kittens from the Animal Welfare League NSW

These kittens have been in temporary foster care to socialise & acclimatise them to everyday experiences before they find their new home!  Studies show that kittens exposed to this stimuli make well rounded pets & we agree! 

All of these kittens have: kitlkguplowres.jpg

  • Up-to-date vaccinations
  • Up-to-date worming & flea control
  • Been desexed
  • Been microchipped
  • Been vet checked
How to get started

It is important to us that everyone is happy when  choosing  a  new  companion! If you are choosing a new family pet, we reccomend that you bring all of the family  with you.
Allow plenty of time so that you do not rush, talk to everone involved about the ongoing responsibilities involved (our staff can advise you on this).
Our staff have been taking care of the kittens & know the different personalities of  them. They are always happy to tell you about each individual kitten.  Staff are also able to talk to you about the care of your new kitten as responsible pet ownership is important to us too.
Our Guarantee

All kittens have a health guarantee & a 7 day cooling off period. 

Things to take home

There will be some change of ownership paperwork to complete before you leave. Staff will also provide you with:
  • A Frontline Kitten pack
  • Pet care guide to your new kitten
  • Information on when the  next vaccinations & parasite control are due.
  • Tips for settling in when you get home
  • Items you will need for your new kitten such as food, bedding, scratchingpost, etc..

Adoption fee's are $270 to cover the cost of desexing, vaccinating & parasite control. Please call us at either store Bowral 0248621175 or Goulburn 0248222319, when you are ready to adopt a cat. We can discuss your options in adopting the right companion pet for you! 

Last updated March 2014

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